About Us and How We Started

You’ve got a challenge. Find a GREAT Wedding Photographer that UNDERSTANDS you, a photographer you can TRUST, and of course captures INCREDIBLE photos!

Hi, my name is Deb! My husband Ron and I started WeddingPhotoUSA back in June of 2003. When we got married way, way, way back in 2000 finding a photographer was done the old fashion way. We went to bridal shows, we looked at the “preferred providers” list that the wedding venues wanted us to use, and we even looked in (I’m afraid to admit it) The Yellow Pages, as if anyone even knows what that is anymore.

If you’re like me, you’ll understand why I didn’t like any of those options. At the wedding shows I couldn’t connect with the photographers (or any vendors) because there’s so much going on, so many brides, and its all too overwhelming. I didn’t trust the venue recommendations because I always wondered if they were being paid to promote the vendors or getting a “kick back” from them. And the Yellow Pages..who do you call, the one with the biggest ad?! I actually didn’t have enough information about wedding photographers, how they work, and what I should be looking out for. At the time I was planning all this, about 1998, those resources were not easy to come by! In fact, most photographers didn’t even use digital cameras as the technology was not quite there yet! And most didn’t even have websites.

To me wedding photography was THE most important professional I would be hiring. After all, we’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on one day, and this investment was right up there as one of the most expensive. Not to mention, this was going to be the best recorded memory of our wedding, and YES we still look at our album on our anniversary every year!

In the end, we did find a GREAT wedding photographer and we’re very happy with the final results (no doom and gloom, woe is me ending here), but we decided the process was just too complicated, time consuming and stressful so we set off on creating a way to present photographers to brides in a clean, organized and professional manner that you can make sense of, and WeddingPhotoUSA was born!

We were one of the first and still one of the best in providing the quality information to help you understand the entire process of hiring a photographer (questions, pricing, communication, follow up), learn about what you can do to have a great wedding photography experience (photo ideas, make-up, looking your best, styles, real wedding examples) and compare photographers easily by seeing their work in a similar layout so you can make sense of it all. And If there is ANYTHING you’d like to see to help you make a perfect photographer match, please contact us for some personal care.

So if you’re like us and your wedding photographer experience is SUPER important to you, then welcome to WeddingPhotoUSA…”Where Brides and Photographers CLICK!” (Can you believe Ron came up with that?!)

Deb & Ron Carpenito

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