Business Building Tips & Equipment Advice

Growing a wedding photography business is never easy. You’ve got a lot of issues to focus on. Here you’ll get tips and advice on business building from lead generation, dealing with clients, planning your business as well as selecting the right photography equipment and accessories to make your job easier. And don’t forget, if you’ve got a great tip on business building or equipment, share it with us and your fellow wedding photographers by submitting your own tip.

“Even though many cameras are now capable of making great shots at ISO 1600 and 3200, be sure to consider the quality of light as well, not just the quantity-sometimes you are better off adding some flash to the scene rather than increasing your ISO.”
– Andrew Davis Photography
Portsmouth, New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

“I highly recommend you get a Gary Fong lightsphere. I started using it at my events and it was really great to soften the light and get great quality photographs. Very little photo retouching, if any, is needed after using this great piece of equipment.”
– Cesar Chavez Photography
Alexandria, Virginia Wedding Photographer

“Know your camera and equipment inside and out. You should how to change settings quickly without missing a beat. How many moments will you miss if your face is buried in the camera menu trying to figure out how to change a setting?
You should also have backup equipment that is ready to go. Borrowing or bringing a spare camera along will not do. You must know how to use it. Make sure all your equipment works and that you have fresh batteries and spare batteries accessible.
You must to be able to shoot the entire wedding with your backup camera setup. Confidence is the peace of mind that you are totally prepared!”

– Sara Wilmot Photography
Yarmouth, Maine Wedding Photographer

“Photographers, be sure to use the best equipment that you can get your hands on. Stuff that works pays for itself, stuff that breaks cost you time and money.”
– Michael Nesmith Photography
Bedford, New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

“One of the things we find useful is make some 4X6 prints of the couple’s engagement photos with your business name and contact, plus the website link to their wedding images, and give them away to guests during the wedding reception. Not only you get extra print orders, you will also get more potential clients from future brides.”
– Ron of Litrato Photojournalism
Bear Delaware Wedding Photographer

“My advice for photographers: making custom cards with the Bride and Groom’s names on one side, and the future gallery where their images will be hosted is great way to get traffic to your site!
The guests love it!”
– Jessi of Jessi LeMay Photography Reno NV Wedding Photographer

“Fellow digital photogs: download your ceremony images to a notebook computer, then run them as a slideshow at the reception with a stack of your business cards nearby.”
John of Flora Photo Thorntown IN Wedding Photographer

“I find it easiest not to be bogged down by bags – using a utility waist belt that holds your lenses, batteries, and memory cards keeps you from being tied to a heavy bag or one location. I keep my backups on scene but don’t carry them around with me. Everything I use is on my person at all times. It allows for spontaneity.”

Mhari of Mhari Scott Photography Philadelphia, PA Wedding Photographer

“The best advice I can give that will bring the best overall results is to purchase a stroboframe bracket that allows you to turn the camera without moving the flash.”

– Kenny of KG Image Solutions Birmingham, AL Wedding Photographer

“One of the best items I have added to my bag of goodies is wireless transceivers for my strobelights. Very useful and very creative.”
– Vincent of TruVision Productions
Yuma, AZ

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