Wedding Photography Ideas for Photographers

Remember when you first started in the Wedding Photography business? Everything was so new, and you were trying to find your unique style combined with what consumers want? Over time hopefully you found that rhythm but now things may have become more routine and repetitive. That’s where this section can help! Here we’ll be highlighting different photography ideas to get you thinking outside the box and mixing up your shots. Its important to stay in curiosity and challenge yourself to try different approaches and current style trends to grow with clients and the industry.
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When I take my bride and groom aside after the ceremony for photos, I always find a private little area where they can have their own do-over of the ring ceremony and the kiss. Not only does the staging allow the photographer to get a more personal view of the ring exchange, the simplicity of the act plus a their kiss in a secluded location gives them a chance to really let the moment sink in. I know that when I am taking these photos, I am giving the couple something unique and special that they will look back on as a moment just their own.
– Terri Light Photo
Michigan Wedding Photographer

“One thing that I love to do is ask the bride and groom to bring something that has meaning to them like a stuffed animal or a baseball hat. What I do is take the item and place it in certain scenes. For example at the head table.”
– Photography Your Way
Peabody, Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

“When we shoot weddings we usually always have 2 photographers, one making sure they get the basic shots that every bride would expect, and the other constantly trying to think outside the normal traditional styles and poses to capture more creative and unique photographs.”
– Kerrie Szabo Photography
Harrison, Arkansas Wedding Photographer

“If you keep a low profile you will be better able to capture genuine expressions when the subjects are unaware of your presence. Always scan the scene for the less obvious shot.”
– Aspen Grove Photography
Boulder, Colorado Wedding Photographer

“Custom Engagement sessions may be created based on a brief profile of the couples history, favorite places, interests/passions, and unique personalities.”
– Serantoni Photography
Tempe, Arizona Wedding Photographer

“Incorporate personal items, things that mean something special to the bride or the groom, into your photo sessions!”
– Heather of Gigglesnaps Photography
Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographer

“When photographing a large group of people, have everyone close their eyes, count to three, then tell everyone to open their eyes! This way you are more likely to get everyone with their eyes open and if there are any children in the shot, they will be laughing by this point…which should all make for a great group shot!!”
– Katie of Katie Sheridan Photography
Newark, DE Wedding Photographer

“There are many trends in wedding photography and after so many weddings, the pictures may tend to look the same. Remember that every bride and groom are different and the images should be just as unique as the individuals. Look beyond the obvious shots.”
– Khampha of Khampha Bouaphanh Photography
Fort Worth, TX Wedding Photographer

“Coach the bride and groom to stay focused on each other by looking at each other during the ceremony and not looking at the officiant. They are not marrying the officiant they are marrying each other. This will create better impactful images.”
– John of Hudetz Photography Inc
Fort Collins, CO Wedding Photographer

“If you’ve got some nervous folks in the bridal party… the magic ingredient to get them to relax and give a natural smile is to act as goofy as humanly possible. Works like a charm to put everyone at ease.”

– Inger of JBe Photography Milwaukee, WI Wedding Photographer

“One of my favorite ‘old fashion’ views on a bride walking down the aisle: Have a veil that covers the face, for dad or groom to lift and try having a flower girl in back of the bride, as she walks, carrying the train. The reaction is amazing.”

– Inger of Keepsake Studios Eastampton, NJ Wedding Photographer

“Try not to shoot everything at the front of the altar. Try windows, middle of the church between the aisles, or even the back of church. Mix it up a little for different perspectives.”
– Scott of Naturally You Photography Sauk Centre, MN Wedding Photographer

“When shooting the after-ceremony shots, begin with the largest groups first, and then work your way down to just the bride & groom. This way, the others can move on to enjoy the cocktail hour, and you can relax with the bride & groom without having a crowd of people standing around waiting!”
Janet of Life Light Photography Harrisburg, NC Wedding Photographer

“One of my favorite ‘old fashion’ views on a bride walking down the aisle: Have a veil that covers the face, for dad or groom to lift and try having a flower girl in back of the bride, as she walks, carrying the train. The reaction is amazing.”

– Inger of Keepsake Studios Eastampton, NJ Wedding Photographer

“Wedding Favorites! Try mixing it up a bit with the wedding party. Wedding parties like being able to see everyone… so in addition to the traditional shot of everyone all lined up try sitting everyone on the steps leading up to the alter. I usually group them by couples with the bride and groom in the middle. That allows me to get a much closer shot of the wedding party so that in a 5×7 reprint everyone can be seen!”
– Scott of Family Album Photography Freeland, MI Wedding Photographer

“I always take pictures of the children at the wedding after I feel I have an adequate number of the photo’s of the bride and family. I also make sure that the cake, favors and the venue gets a few pictures as it serves to refresh the memory of the occasion.”
Tepin of South Florida Photography Lake Worth, FL Wedding Photographer

“In addition to all of the standard photos, look around and if anything looks like it cost extra, then photograph it.”

– Gene & Penny of Images of Georgia Photography Pooler, GA Wedding Photographer

“Walk around the church or reception site and look for any architectural details, such as arched windows, stone steps or balconies that would add a special element to your photographs. Consider how to arrange groups in an interesting way so that you can capture the personalities of those involved and the place they chose to celebrate their marriage.

– Alan of Arizona Photo & Video Flagstaff, AZ Wedding Photographer

“1. Photographers know that natural light is the most beautiful.
Talk to your bride about the set-up of the ceremony/ reception. Is it
possible to have the cake set up by a window, can you do the bouquet toss
outside, etc.? There are a lot of not so photogenic venues out there…don’t be
afraid to push for some photo opts outside. The couple will be happy when
they see the results.

2. Encourage your bride to tear pictures out of bridal magazines to show
you what she likes. This will tell you what shots are important to the
bride. Are there tons of tear-sheets of flowers, are all of the
tear-sheets of the back of the dress, etc.? This way you and the bride
are on the same page.”
Sara of Brennan-Harrell Photography Greensboro NC Wedding Photographer

“I have had on many occasions, a Bride who would like her photo taken with her dog. She either grew up with Fido, or they became friends in recent years.
To be sure you capture both the Bride and her Furry Friend looking straight at the camera, I have found that a little noise will capture fido’s curiosity thus, the best expression.
Having ten (yes ten!) Fidos myself, I’m sure you can imagine that I would just a few portraits of my own Furry Friends!
Be sure the Bride is looking directly into the camera. Once she is ready, call the dog by name and then make a high pitched squill-yes a squill. Practice….you will find the just the right tone that is not too loud, nor intimidating. Best of all, Fido will be sure to cock it’s head to one side ort the other is shear curiosity-creating the best of portraits.
And most of all-Have Fun!”
Marlene of Life Images Photography Keyser WV Wedding Photographer

“Don’t be afraid to act a little goofy for your couple. A genuine laugh makes the most stunning photograph!

– Jennifer of Jennifer Farris – Photographer Kernersville NC Wedding Photographer

“When shooting engagement photos the key is to HAVE FUN! Capture the true essence of the couple.”

– Polly of Simply Digital Memories North Little Rock AR Wedding Photographer

“When shooting weddings, be patient, and something beautiful will happen.”

– Bryon of BrightBoy Photography Lafayette, CO Wedding Photographer

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