Ideas, Tips & Advice for Wedding Photographers

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“For photographers, give your best and make your client’s special occasion have wonderful lasting memories of your services. This day is all about them and make it as special as possible. Also catch the candid emotions that will make your clients look back on and love!!”
– Adler Photography, LLC
Wentzville, Missouri Wedding Photographer

“I try to take along music on a Bridal shoot to help relax the Bride and so she can have some fun at the shoot. The result is AMAZING pictures!!!”
– Photography by Simone
Cabot, AR Wedding Photographer

“Sign up for Twitter and use it to connect with other photography professionals. Remember, Twitter is a resource, not a promotional tool. Meaningful interaction with others is the best way to gain followers. If a photographer is asking a question on twitter, give them an answer to help. If a photographer is seeking feedback, provide them with some meaningful critique of their work. Well thought-out responses will make for long-term connections with those you are following and will in turn lead to more followers for you.”
– Aaron Riddle Photography
Winchester VA Wedding Photographer

“Stay true to the art of photography by always maintaining your position as a photographer first. Digital Enhancement is merely icing on the cake.”
– Studio London5
Las Vegas, NV Wedding Photographer

“Always anticipate the emotion before it is manifested. It takes only a moment to express love and joy in its purity. Then it’s lost forever.”
– Vivid Impressions By Marta
Charleston, WV Wedding Photographer

“Fellow photographers, networking needs to be your best friend. Find your local photography association, as well as national associations and get involved! The more photographers you can meet and work with the more you can perfect your skill and the more prospects you will get. Photographer networks are excellent sources of references and sure referrals. Take advantage of any local networking you can!”
– Nick Corona
Norco, CA Wedding Photographer

“An outdoor photo shoot on a sunny mid day is not always the best. The light is too harsh, too many shadows; morning and afternoon natural lighting is soft. If there are no other options, find a spot under a big shadow, if possible portable flash lights bounced to umbrellas.”
– Jota Trelles Photography
New York NY Wedding Photographer

“Know and maintain your equipment, have backup equipment and a plan of action, visualize how you will take every shot.”
Locust Grove, Virginia Wedding Photographer

“To all of you fabulous artists out there…

It has been my experience in branching into the destination wedding arena that attention to detail, helpfulness, and organization is amplified.

We take on the job of being a wedding coordinator/organizer for the day besides capturing the love story. We keep everyone on task, fixing bouquets or pinning/sewing up your train, hunting down where grand mum is, etc. We must be prepared to be there to make everything run flawlessly! Especially since while being in many of the exotic locales stores and necessities are miles away.

After photographing a wedding in New Zealand last year, I determined it was a MUST come equipped with a ‘Survival Kit’ which contains items we all need sometimes like hair spray, pain-reliever, antacid, clear nail polish, remover, bobby pins, sewing kit, scissors, safety-pins, earring backs, fake rings, garters, Band-Aids, toothbrush, pretend marriage license, tampons, deodorant, etc.

I have dealt with all sorts of issues throughout the hundreds of weddings I have photographed (locally and destination wise) so having this worry-free kit at my disposal sets me at ease each wedding I begin from sunup to sundown. Just think at how many referrals it generates as well when a bride or bridesmaid gushes about how you got right in to sew the train, came prepared for a headache or a tumble from the flower girl, etc. It’s a $50 investment you can afford!”
– Photos by Miss Ann
Worldwide & Destinations Wedding Photographer

“The best pictures are often the ones where the subject doesn’t know they’re being photographed. People tend to act differently when they know they’re the center of attention. One of our best compliments came when a bride sent someone to go and get the photographers at a reception, when we’d been there shooting the whole time.”
– John of La Bella Vita Photography
Port Royal, South Carolina Wedding Photographer

“Never assume you are done learning your craft. Attend workshops and conferences. Learn all you can about photoshop. Read industry magazines. Take out models and experiment.

You do not have to keep changing your style to keep up with what everyone else is doing. Stay true to who you are and continue to improve upon your own style and technique.

Even the best of the best strive to get better. The only way to keep up is to get out of your comfort zone and learn new things.”
– Jason of Jason Lanier Photography
Nationwide and Destination Wedding Photographer

“A wedding is like theater and real life, embrace the concept and have fun with the camera!”
– Daniel of Daniel Lugo Photography
Miami Florida Wedding Photographer

“Have your bride & groom eat & drink before the wedding.
Don’t forget to have fun!
It is very simple – but it makes a big difference!”
– David O. of David O. Photography
Kailua-Kona HI Wedding Photographer

“It is my job to not only produce flawless photographs, but to make my bride and groom comfortable and relaxed. The more comfortable they are with me, the more beautiful the results.”
– Shelley of Face Photography
Michigan Wedding Photographer

“It is important to get to know your bride and groom. Ask personal history questions like, ‘Where did you grow up?’ – ‘How did you meet?’ – ‘What did you major in in college?’ You will be surprised at how much you can find in common. This common ground will allow for the bride and groom to feel comfortable around you and loosen up, which makes for great pictures. And it always helps if you can make a meaningful contribution to conversation, instead of just, ‘That looks great’ or ‘Stand over there.'”
– Nick of Nick Corona
Norco, California Wedding Photographer

“When it comes to wedding photography always remember to be nice to everyone during the wedding day shoot. Even if your having a bad day. This might sound silly but you never know if your next booking is watching you and how you act.”
– Bradford of Luppino Photography Illinois, Missouri, Ohio & Tennessee
Wedding Photographer

“We recommend a second photographer for all of the wonderful things that happen while you the Photographer are focused on the Bride and groom. There is nothing more awe inspiring in the final proofs as a ring bearer or flower girl caught doing something adorable.”

– Susan K of Birch Creek Photography
Cheboygan, MI Wedding Photographer

“Photographers: Are you cropping your images to fit within “standard” photo sizes. Educate your clients on the true aspect ratio of 35mm or Digital SLR cameras. In order to make a 5×7 or 8×10 the image has to be cropped and good photographers use the entire frame while photographing, therefore cropping can result in undesirable loss of information and overall quality. Use the entire frame and offer prints that incorporate the entire frame (4×6, 6×9, 8×12, 11×17)”

– Matt of Matt Theilen Photography
Reno, NV

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